Purpose based consultancy

Building a Purpose Culture

Translating the vision into a culture where every person in your ecosystem (including employees, suplpliers and customer) feels empowered to,, together with their team, contribute to the company’s purpose.

  • for companies ready to activate their purpose
  • for companies struggling how to introduce purpose on the shopfloor/in the office
  • for not for profit organizations struggling how to revive the cause of their existence


from 150 to 350 euro per employee depending on the size of the organisation.


results for the frontrunners in the industry in a collective positive impact on society which creates:

  • Up to 40% higher employee engagement
  • More than 50% lower retention 5 to 14 times higher productivity
  • Up to 80% higher attractive employer Up to 50% more dedicated customers
  • A lively ongoing dialogue about anchoring purpose in everyday work


You have a great purpose and an according strategy. The next critical step is to engage your employees. The purpose journey is not just another project. it needs a delicate approach.

Creating a purpose driven culture

Creating engagement to ensure that employees embrace purpose and feel energized to contribute to it. including the following ingredients:

  • Allow employees to discover their personal purpose
  • Have an appealing purpose ambition that employees are willing to commit to
  • Grant permission to employees to translate purpose into their daily work
  • Mobilize frontrunners to create a positive buzz
  • Formulate groundbreaking projects for employees to participate in
  • Establish purpose driven leadership (leadership that marries purpose with profit, rather than being bogged down in compromise)
  • Ensure transparent communication on progress, setbacks and dilemmas • Defining year goals
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