Purpose based consultancy

Developing Purpose Driven Leadership

Leadership that serves all the stakeholders in an ecosystem is bound to be more fulfilling as well as more impactful. We support leaders in developing their identity, and their skills as a leader.

  • For leadership teams that want to make more impact, seasoned leaders that want to take their impact up notch and leaders that are new in their role and aim to hit the ground running.


6 sessions in a 3-6 month time frame
25.000 to 30.000 euro for C-level leadership teams 18.000 to 25.000 euro for other leadership teams


Leadership teams able to have a positive impact on their business because they have:

  • Acquired the necessary skill set to lead from purpose
  • Mastered the concept of being part of an ecosystem
  • Developed a clear vision on the world and society to the extend that they know how to contribute
  • The ability to inspire others, igniting daily work with purpose, giving autonomy and push for impact
  • The ability to think and act beyond trade offs between purpose and profit


Tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of the leadership team and the ecosystem their industry is part of

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