Purpose based consultancy

Creating a Net Positive Strategy

Crafting a roadmap towards a company that gives more than it takes from society and the earth, taking into account all of your stakeholders

  • For companies ready to activate their purpose
  • For companies struggling how to balance purpose and profit
  • For start ups ready to scale their impact


From 8.000 to 16.000 euro depending on the size of the organisation.


  • A robust ambitious integral plan how to achieve a positive impact on all your stakeholders.
  • An aligned management team with a strong narrative on how to achieve a purposeful business.
  • A shared reality on the topics defining success


In order to have a positive impact you will need to source new solutions on sustainability and inclusion, grow a new perspective on doing business in a regenerative economy and eventually adapt to new business models. We’ve developed a purpose roadmap canvas that includes all the necessary steps to move your business to become profitable with purpose from the core.

Shaping a 3 year roadmap

using the purpose roadmap canvas to set a three years ambition and according year plans. • Defining success: what will be the 3 to 5 difficult topics we need to solve in order to be successful

  • How to measure the impact we wish for in a currency other than money
  • Designing a purpose led project structure: how to staff the right minded people on our critical projects
  • How to develop purpose led leadership • How to interact with clients, industry and society
  • Defining year goals
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