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Purpose Based Coaching

After discovering your purpose, next is taking inspired action to realize your purpose. Sometimes, the path towards the career that allows us to live out most meaningful life isn’t clear. Or along the way, life gets in the way, like in the case of a burnout or other illness. Approaching the situation from a connection to life purpose can create a clear and fast path to the desired outcome.

  • Purpose Driven Coaching is designed for (leadership) team members that have their purpose clear, but are not sure how to implement it, or are stuck somehow, like in the case of burnout, illness or a stressor in their personal of professional life.


6 sessions in a 10 week time frame
2000 euro for C-level and leadership team member 1500 euro for other team members


People clear on where they want to go, with a new identity, an plan to handle inner and outer obstacles, and to get to purpose realization.

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  1. Getting clear on your desired outcome and deliverables
  2. Connecting to your purpose
  3. Getting a sense of all that you need to flourish as well as your personal situation to take into account
  4. Using emotions as welcome and vital information
  5. Exploring and learning to transform beliefs
  6. Creating new patterns of thinking and embodying a new identity
  7. Drawing up an action plan

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